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The Meaning of Marketing - II

For the last few years, S.C. Johnson & Sons, Inc. has been a key partner in the development of the “bottom of the pyramid” protocol with Stuart L. Hart, author of Capitalism at the Crossroads. Therefore, the corporate brand has the integrity to be positioned as the sustainable fivegeneration family company
Timberland is another good example of having solid brand integrity. It is positioned as “the GOOD outdoor-inspired footwear and apparel company” (Figure 2.3). The company supports the positioning by a solid differentiation. It is well-known for its “Path of Service”, the community volunteer service which involves employees of Timberland. The differentiation is already proven since it is maintained even during tough times. 
In 1994, the net profits fell from $22.5 million to $17.7 million. The following year, sales remained flat, and the company posted an earnings loss for the first time. Many people predicted that the “Path of Service” will be eliminated. But, Timberland’s leaders believed that the community volunteer service is an integral part of the company’s long-term strategy. Therefore, the program is sustained until now.

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